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Services Provider for eCommerce and eTrade Businesses

CannaFinex is comprehensive Business Information System for cannabis industry

with four subsystems for optimal management and use of registration data,

financial resources, goods and services, and business information 

Reliable Registration of Consumers and Partners

CannaFinex System provides reliable registration of all participants based on validated personal and business data.

Quality Control and Assurance

Links to Quality Testing Labs will provide consumers information and guarantees of high quality cannabis products

Management of Financial Resources and Payments

All finacial resources, such as purchase order and invoices, including payments are handled by the System

Cannabis Community System

Consumers will be offered membership in the CannaFinex system and those registered will receive CannaFinex Loyalty Cards with all its financial benefits

Global Marketplace for Cannabis Products

The System represents marketplace offering high quality products, discounts, loyalty cards, and membership benefits

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Based on the full registration of all businesses the System tracks cannabis products through the supply chain

How Payments with NorthStar System  work

Payments over the Counter

CannaFinex Payment System accepts payments by customers using either bank cards or Mobile Wallet with stable virtual currency (“digital dollar”)

Payments over the Web

Web merchants can use Web Plug-ins to accept payments by customers using bank cards and they can also pay vendors with US $ or virtual currency. 

Security Compliance

Our system is validated by Payments Card Industry (PCI/DSS), it runs in FedRAMP certified cloud, and performs validation of customers using Bank ID System.


1. Consumer purchases digital tokens pegged to US $

2. Cannabis merchants accept digital tokens for payments

3. Merchants may cash-out digital tokens to their bank accounts or use them to pay to their vendors

4. CannaFinex runs escrow account in a regular bank where US $ backing digital tokens are deposited

Payments for Web Stores

Payments on Web Stores

Customers can use their credit or debit cards right on the Web Store Cash-out page. Merchant receive payments in digital tokens instantaneously to the CannaFinex account

POS Payments Over-the-Counter

Integrated Point of Sale (POS) System

CannaFinex System has several types of POS Stations: POS Station with double monitor, PC Station with touch screen, and tablet. POS System for the full Station supports also back-office functions in dispensaries or in headquarters with multiple dispensaries. Besides payments over-the-counter, it also supports staff administration, inventory management, business transactions with suppliers and vendors, inventory planning, scheduling, and administration. .

Integrated Business System

Seed-to-Sale Tracking System

CannaFinex System integrates businesses with different roles in the supply chain into a full business information system providing registration of all business entities, tracking of production and distribution of their products, management and optimization of inventory, tracking sales and customer deliveries, and quality assurance information. The system provides rich reporting of different types of events and transactions in the integrated CannaFinex System. . .


Blockchain and Stable Virtual Currency

BIX Ledger and CannaFinex Coin

For seed-to-sale tracking CannaFinex is using BIX Ledger — secure blockchain

with smart contracts customized for cannabis industry

For payments by customers and also for business-to-business payments

CannaFinex is using its own stable virtual currency — CannaFinex Coin 

BIX Ledger — Secure Blockchain Ledger

BIX Ledger is secure blockchain managing Identities of all parties in the System, their crypto keys, certificates and secure CannaFinex objects. Its Smart Contracts implement the rules and procedures specific for Cannabis Industry 

CannaFinex Coin — Stable Virtual Coin

For its payment transactions CannaFinex is using its own stable virtual coin, pegged to US $ (“Digital Dollar”) in combination with payments using bankcards and bank accounts


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